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Born at home into a family dedicated to natural healing and healthy living. Fauna was raised with the beliefs "you are what you eat" and "the body heals itself."

After graduating from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy in 2002, she found her niche working at a massage group specializing in sports massage. There Fauna had the opportunity to learn many innovative techniques, and work on clients ranging from professional athletes to professional non-athletes.  In 2018 she began teaching the Swedish massage program at The North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork. She loves sharing her passion for massage and the human body with her students.

You’ll often find her traveling around the globe studying yoga, massage, and anatomy. Biking is Fauna’s main form of transportation. Delighting in the freedom and joy of self locomotion, riding lets her slow down and connect to her environment. At home you'll find Fauna backyard birding and relaxing with her family.  


Massage wakes our bodies' innate ability to heal itself by reconnecting our consciousness to corporal awareness. Our bodies are the physical manifestations of our reactions to our thoughts, emotion, and actions. Massage is a powerful tool to help the body process stress and return positive sensations into dysfunctional areas.

Deep tissue massage can be an intense experience on both a physical and emotional level. The work is intuitively guided, taking muscles to the point of resistance with firm yet gentle pressure to release myofascial adhesions. A Fauna Massage focuses on the fascial lines of the body, muscular connections, and treating the individual as whole.

Fauna’s view of the body, anatomy and life has been deeply influenced and inspired by the hundreds of hours working in the dissection lab with her favorite teacher Dr. Gil Hedley. By exploring inner spaces she has been able to experience the beauty and complexity of the human form in ways books cannot teach.


Yoga asana is a systematic way to strengthen and mobilize the body and breath so that good posture can be easily maintained in all activities, thus leading to fewer injuries and better performance. Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic series of asana first taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, please visit for more information about the practice and tradition.  Mysore style practice is for everyone, from brand new yogi to experienced practitioner. Mysore Ashtanga yoga offers the benefit of private instruction and personal modification with the power of a group dynamic.

Fauna also leads yoga anatomy workshops, and offers private yoga instruction for small groups or individuals. For the details on how to practice with Fauna visit


Deep Tissue Massage
Massage times are based on actual amount of bodywork:

30 min: $65
60 min: $95
90 min: $125
120 min: $160

Virtual Yoga Instruction

On-site Chair Massage
$145 for first hour
$95 each additional hour

Cancellation Policy: Kindly contact by text or email at least 24hrs before appointment time if you need to reschedule. Non-emergency no shows will be asked to pay for the full time of the scheduled session and gift certificates will be seen as redeemed.

New Covid 19 Protocols:  Cancel any time if you feel unwell.  Masks are required to receive massage.  Please text before entering the office, and be sure to fill out the covid screening intake before every session.

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On the Table

Before your first visit please fill out the health history intake form emailed to you and give signed consent for treatment. The more you communicate before the massage the better your experience will be.

Most import thing to do is simply to RELAX and deeply breathe. Through your session you will be amply draped, and treated with kindness and professionalism.

Be sure to drink plenty of water before and after your massage. Keep moving in a mindful way. It is not uncommon to be a little sore after body work especially if it has been a long time since your last session.

Sessions include lavender-eucalyptus aromatherapy and a hot towel treatment. Full Body Massage includes: head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, glutes, legs, and feet. Any combination of areas can be focused on or excluded.

By Request: Abdominal/Psoas massage


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Located at The Terry Building
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Appointments available Tuesday-Saturday 12:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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